Ladies and Gentleman: Meet the Lovely and Ferociously Talented Grace Perry

My mom raised me on The Beatles, I grew up with them and it was one of the reasons I came to love music so much. I’ve been in bands since I was sixteen years old. I started out in an all girl pop punk band and ended up in a death-metal band that I was in for about 7 years called Landmine Marathon.


The death metal scene is one where you don’t really have any restrictions, you can literally say and do whatever you want at any point in time. You can look however you want and act however you want, it’s just one of those no-limitations genres.


If you were stuck on a desert island and had to pick 3 people from federal pizza who would you pick and why?
I’d probably have to pick some of my old Windsor peeps, cause I served with them and have known them forever. Lisa Sayegh, cause she’s way tougher than me and she would protect me… I’m a huge baby. I’d pick Rob to drink with, cause I hear he is an amazing guy to drink with. And I’d pick Duske cause he’s soo gorgeous so we could repopulate the human race.


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