Since the beginning there has always been good and evil, Yin and Yang, peanut butter and jelly, Austin and Jeremy..? We’d like you to meet a couple of our chefs at The Windsor and Federal Pizza: Austin and Jeremy.


Gentlemen, please describe your cooking style.
A: I’d describe it as freestyle, just taking advice from everyone else. I have no education in cooking but I’ve been doing it for 5 years, everybody gives me advice, I take what I think I should do and create my own style.
J: French. I used to live in Seattle and worked in some of the best French restaurants up there.


Describe your style, your fashion.
A: Emotional, however I feel that day, my passion determines how I’ll dress that day, it’s very dynamic and emotionally driven.
J: Kind of a skater style. Kind of a rock star.


What’s your favorite meal to make for a sweet young lady?
A: Chicken Pesto Pasta. It’s really simple, very tasty and elegant but low key at the same time.
J: A whole roasted chicken, some kind of nice fresh vegetable and fresh herb, a nice glass of wine.


If the world were ending tomorrow, what would your last meal be?
A: Carrot Cake, my mom’s Carrot Cake.
J: Lobster and a bottle of Chimay Blue.


What’s your sign? Do you relate to it?
A: I’m a Cancer, Leo rising. I absolutely relate to my sign. I definitely have a lot of heart from my Leo side, and the cancer is very sensitive but they also have an image as the crab to be hard on the outside, soft on the inside.
J: I’m an Aquarius, I bring life to places.


Can you share the best cooking advice you’ve received?
A: The best advice I’ve gotten is from Chef Chris Newstrom and that’s the ability to take criticism. Everybody’s always gonna have a different opinion, and you’re not always right- you think you’re right but you also need to have an outside understanding and perspective of this world.
J: The best advice I ever received was to stop thinking and just do it.

You be the judge: which culinary artist you would follow into the sunset?

2 thoughts on “TEAM AUSTIN vs TEAM JEREMY

  1. LJ says:

    Jeremy. Whole roasted chicken, yes please.

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