The Roger and Sean Bromance

Our employees at Upward Projects are close. Really, really close… This is the tale of two employees who took that bond to a whole new level—a bromance, if you will. Roger and Sean worked together at Windsor and Postino East, which is where the story of their bromance begins.  Roger recently moved to California to pursue a film-making career, so we caught up with the star-crossed buddies to see what’s next.


If you two were going to start a business what would it be?

R: If Sean and I were to go into business…Hmm…that’s a tricky one. I mean one would think the natural answer would be the bar business; however, I have bigger aspirations for our partnership. If it was up to me, which it usually is, I would say we would break into professional wrestling together. He’s the perfect baby face, I’m the perfect bad guy.

S: We don’t have the name, but it would be a coffee shop where instead of being overly friendly before you’ve had your caffeine, we hurl insults at you. Something like this: “Yo…this dude wants whipped cream on his mocha?”
“Of course he does, look at this f***ing guy!…nah just joking boss, we appreciate your business.”

If you were going to take your other half out for a special night on the town where would you take him?

R: This small Mexican joint by our place called Taco Bell.

S: We both have background in fine dining & appreciate it, so most likely City Hall. But people always make the place & having pizza and beers w/ our crew at home would be kick-ass too.

What is your other half’s tell?

R: Anytime a proverb comes out. My personal favorite is: “That’s the rub”.

S: He doesn’t gamble because he’s terrible at it. Being a Detroit fan will do that to a person.

Which of your other half’s tattoos is your favorite?

R: He has tattoos?

S: The “oh s**t!” shark.

What next? Who will fill these shoes?

R: There aren’t any shoes to be filled. Sean is still my best friend and will continue to be. It’s not like I moved to Mars…yet. I’ve been thankful for all of the relationships I have forged in Phoenix and with this company, but to think that any one of those relationships is replaceable is crazy. Sean has had such a positive impact on my life and I don’t think I would be where I am today without him. So, as far as I’m concerned, best friend shoes…filled.

S: No one can fill those shoes, there are just people you meet in life that you get along with that well, and they don’t come along every day. As for what’s next?  Who knows!  Maybe we’ll shoot a documentary about the new hardcore scene together, or open a cocktail bar here, or maybe build some Lego sets….

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