Local Lovin’ Kaleidoscope Juice

Juicing is a thing, ya’ll.  If you’ve never juiced before you MUST try it.  Around our company, we like to indulge in the juice cold-pressed by the mother/daughter team at Kaleidoscope Juice.  They’re local and passionate about what they do–how can you resist?!  We met up with them to ask some questions about their business and the meaning of life.  Get to know them below :)!

Kaleidoscope Juice 5

Kaleidoscope Juice 4

Who are you and what do you do?

My mum Andrea and I are the creators of an organic cold pressed juice company. We juice a lot of veggies, leafy greens, herbs, roots (like turmeric) and shoots, and citrus. All really beautiful ingredients that we turn into a raw juice so that your body can absorb the plant nutrients with ease.

I know you aren’t supposed to pick favorites….but which juice is at the top of your list?

The Green Dragon with kale, parsley, cucumber, celery, green apple, mint and jalapeno for a big kick!

Why did you decide to get into the juice world?

We started out as an heirloom growing seed company called Blackbird Naturals. We have shipped about 20 million seeds all over the world to people who want to grow their own food. Juicing and healthy great food is a passion and we couldn’t wait to turn it into a business as well.

Is there a story behind your name?  What is it?

We had pages and pages of name ideas that we went through before we finally decided on Kaleidoscope Juice. At first we were gravitating to names that were more literal, like The Organic Juice Co etc, etc…and then more playful ones like Juice Box and Rude Juice….none of these spoke to the beautiful colors, vibrancy, and full spectrum of energy we felt the juices give us. One day Kaleidoscope popped into my head and that was it. Later it dawned on us with the KALE in kale-idoscope. No mistake there!

If you were a piece of fruit, what fruit would you choose to be?

Avocado…in guacamole form.

You’re a mother/daughter team, which is awesome.  What’s it like working with family?

After countless crazy all nighters of juicing, feeling the time crunch to get deliveries out on time, it’s nice to have someone to look back with on all the intense, amazing memories of what it’s taken to get where we are now. And our journey is just beginning! Kaleidoscope is our dream come true, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the person you love the most living their calling and passion.

What do you do when you aren’t juicing?

Last weekend, we had Saturday “off” so we enjoyed brunch at Postino, followed by a walk around Singh Farms. We love brunch…and patios…

We also enjoy visiting our friends at the farmers markets which is where we started selling seeds.

What’s your favorite “bad” food?

It’s all about balance. We encourage eating and juicing and the whole thing to be a loving, guilt free, stress free experience. A nice pizza from The Parlor or Federal Pizza or Pizzeria Bianco is a beautiful thing, especially paired with an iced cold one.

What’s next for Kaleidoscope Cold Pressed Juice?

We are building our bottling facility which will enable us to keep up with the ever increasing demand! And we just started a compost program. Come by with a bucket and pick-up some pulp for your garden. We also use it to feed our chickens.

Kaleidoscope Juice 1

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