The Poetic Stylings of Mr. Randy Evans

The talents our staff hold seem to be never-ending.  Randy Evans, an awesome member of our team at Postino East, uses his time away from the restaurant to write poetry.  We’re thrilled to feature some of his work here today!

Randy Evans


We are enculturated in-
Never speaking to that person
Is standing on that corner
Holding a sign that reads
Food for work will I
Because obviously you read it left instead of right
Since you left them Helpless

Is it that when we are young we are taught
That if we fought for what is right all the time we would be
Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally and this is no joke to me
Because whenever I see Someone in need
My charitable actions stop.

Is it that we have to question
Whether we are financially capable of bestowing a blessin’
On someone holding a message
Needing mere seconds
Of attention.

Why is it that we don’t know the root of the problem
Or the means to solve them
When all we are capable of doing
Is to sometimes acknowledge them

Every time I think of suffering
I pretend that
Have to create a script on how I
May Survive
Whether or not I wish to drink the pain away
Or end the Cries
That Plague my eyes
From the constant stress and depression that
Weighs me down on a daily basis
And Pray
Please lord take my life


Through this simulation I realized some reasons behind
Either wanting money for food or alcohol to cease the mind
From living pessimistically in the darkness confined
To negativity with no change of direction ever anytime

So if I was ever homeless and the only way I could be happy
Well I would gladly choose booze
Is it that we are judgmental of people who
We do not perceive as sensible
And Capable of standing on their own two feet
Hypocritically when we are all weak

At some point in our lives
And for some that moment has not arrived
Because we have yet to gain the wisdom
Of asking ourselves


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