Bar Basics: Stock Your Home Bar


1. Plenty of Glassware // 2. Boston Shaker and Mixing Glass // 3. Citrus Zester // 4. Jigger // 5. Muddler // 6. Gin (we like Plymouth) // 7. Carbonated Mixers (soda water, sparkling wine – such as Cava or Prosecco) // 8. Simple Syrup // 9. Vodka (we like Ketel One) // 10. Aromatic Bitters (try Angostura)

Our incredible team of bartenders are going to drop some serious knowledge on the blog.  Each week we’ll be bringing you sage advice about how to make fantastic drinks at home.  So go out, stock up your bar, and tune in next week to learn about the golden rule of mixology!!

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