Local Love: Refresh Glass

Refresh Glass is an innovative and sustainable local company.  They collect wine bottles from restaurants all around the state and re-purpose them into cups and other glassware.  This Local Loving post is especially dear to our hearts because we have the pleasure of donating our used wine bottles to Refresh Glass!  To date, they have saved over 300,000 wine bottles from going to landfills.  Read on to learn more about this amazing company!!


How did Refresh Glass come about?

I was an engineer for an aerospace company for 5 years and I wanted to find a product that was a fun combination of both the utility of engineering with the animated responses of art.   I made a few glasses from wine bottles and showed them to friends, and everyone I showed them too wanted some, so I ran with it.   I started selling a few 4 packs of glasses at the Downtown Farmers Market in 2009 and its just taken off from there.   It’s fun!  We now sell to Wolfgang Puck, Four Seasons, Amazon and ship all over the country.  We want the success of Refresh Glass to be a source of pride for the Phoenix area and all the people who we have interacted with.

Tell us about your process!  How does a wine bottle become one of your products?

We collect around 15,000 bottles every month.  Each of these bottles get taken to our facility to be processed.  We clean out all of the bottles, cut them in half, then melt the rims (if they’re going to be glasses).  We started doing this in my garage but have expanded so much that we were able to move into our first industrial facility about 4 years ago.  Now we are able to produce around 1,000 glasses per day.  Each one gets us closer to our goal of 10 million!!

What’s your favorite song?

Tarantula, by: Pendulum

What’s the best dinner you ever had?

I had a fresh meat and cheese plate on this rural farm on the outskirts of a island called Hvar, off the coast of Croatia.   My friends and I took a ferry over and rented scooters and were starving when we saw a young girl who gestured food putting her hands to her mouth.   We followed her to a farm patio and her family served us, major language barrier, they served us baguettes and wine and it was amazing.

What is your favorite wine?

A bottle of Southing from Sea Smoke makes me very happy!


You can keep track of Refresh Glass on their Facebook or Twitter page.

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