Style Files: Jihan Fassil


Jihan’s 3 Go-To Pieces:

Skinny jeans, a tank, and lipstick.

Jihan’s Style Tips:

Never buy an outfit right off the mannequin. That’s lame. It’s just there for inspiration. A person’s sense of style is a reflection of their personality and interests. It’s self-expression. Buy what you like, but make sure that it’s a representation of who you are and not who you THINK you should be.

Mix the new with the old. Shop second-hand or vintage. Raid your mom or dad’s closet, but with caution (you don’t want to stumble upon anything weird).

In my opinion, the best kind of style is “idiosyncratic style.” Be an original.


Three Random Jihan Facts:

If I were cool and famous and could choose 1 designer to dress me for fun, I’d definitely be knocking on Elie Tahari’s door.

I find that I tend to drool over all the guys in the J. Crew fall/ winter ads.

Sometimes when I go shopping I like to pet and whisper sweet-nothings to all of the amazing high heels and pretend they’re mine. I’m almost 6 ft. tall, so I don’t like feeling like a giraffe on stilts… standing on top of a mountain.

Images c/o Manny D. Photography.

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