Upward Projects Hop Odyssey!!!

One of our core beliefs at Upward Projects is that our staff should be armed with as much knowledge about food and drinks as possible.  Occasionally, we reward our rock-star servers with trips that increase this knowledge.  This summer, a team from Postino set off for California to explore some breweries that create awesome products served in our restaurants.


The first stop was Ballast Point followed by Ale Smith, then Green Flash.




At these breweries, our staff learned about the fundamental process raw materials go through in the brewing process and were able to witness first-hand the small adjustments that create nuances in flavor and style of beer.  Each of these breweries provided a very unique look into the making of a great beverage!


After the tours of the breweries, a very generous Nathan Stanton of Consortium Holdings escorted the UP crew through a few of his concepts.  They started at Polite Provisions, then moved along to Swine, and finished out their trip at Craft & Commerce.  We want to give a BIG thanks to Nathan for showcasing some of the best restaurants in San Diego to our team!


It was a wild 48-hours full of great food, team building, and tons of learning.  We love the stronger bonds created within our team during this trip and can’t wait to get on the road again!

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