Hot Toddy – An Upward Projects Style Cold Remedy

It seems like everyone is under the weather right now. You can’t turn around without bumping into someone with a cough, sneeze, or sniffle. If you can’t avoid the ‘itis, treat it with a doctors visit, over-the-counter remedy, or, if you’re like me, a trip to the bar for a hot toddy.

It’s not just a hot cocktail. There’s science at work making you feel all better. Let’s check out what you’ll need to beat the bug this season.


Hot Toddy
2 oz of whiskey (the drink originated in Scotland so scotch is an acceptable substitute. On the east coast they prefer brandy and here is the southwest it’s common to use tequila. I’ve even seen it made with gin and rum, so yeah…just about any booze will do.
1 teaspoon of honey (nature’s cough syrup…it even does as well as store bought remedies in head to head studies)
1/2 oz lemon juice (vitamin C)
4 oz hot water (Think hot cocoa hot; too much heat will irritate your already annoyed throat. We just want warm enough to sooth the achy parts)
Combine the honey and hot water. Leave the spoon in the water to make sure you get all of it’s sweet cough suppressing goodness off, while you add the whiskey and the lemon juice.  Stir gently and sip until spring.
My personal way to to conquer a cold is to tweak the above recipe by starting with black tea instead of hot water and adding 1/2 oz orange juice.
Any which way you decide to make it you’ll feel better and probably a bit nostalgic.
Here’s to your health.
Bottoms up,

H.S. Hemingway

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