Firestone Pivo Pilsner + Margherita Pizza


We thought we’d share some of our favorite beer and pizza pairings from Federal Pizza.  Today, we’re playing matchmaker with Firestone Pivo Pilsner and our Margherita pizza.  Pilsners are a Czech-style of beer and traditionally offer just the right balance of malty sweetness, spicy hops, and bitterness.  All of these flavors match the Margherita’s flavors without over-powering them.

Our Margherita features roasted garlic oil instead of a traditional red pizza sauce. The acidity you would normally find in that red sauce is replaced with the acidity from the freshly sliced tomatoes. The spicy hops talk kindly with the garlic oil and those thinly-sliced tomatoes will it kept in check. It all comes together with the crisp bitter finish of the Pivo. The light bready sweetness of the Pilsner’s malts compliment the fresh, hand-tossed crust offered every day at Federal Pizza.

Do you prefer bottled beer? Try Left Hand Brewing’s Polestar Pilsner! Not a fan of the Pilsner? Try something local! Four Peaks Sunbru tastes excellent with the Margherita!!


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