Tattoosday – Mark the Shark

Mark the Shark - Tattoosday
Q: Who are you and where do you work?

A: Mark Venker (Shark).  I’m a server at Postino Central.

Who did your feature tattoo?

It’s by Christopher Robin at Golden Rule tattoo on Roosevelt.

Mark the Shark - Tattoosday
Q: What does your tattoo represent?
A: It is my date of birth featured through the Long Mayan calendar. I have always been interested in the study of Anthropology, in particular the Mayan calendar due to it’s consistency and accuracy. The bars in my piece represent the dates, which I researched and found the exact time that the stars were aligned when I was born. Then I gave the artist freedom to play with the color and animation of the tattoo. I love it!

Q: Why do you find tattoos important?
A: I find it to be a physical manifestation of my personal thoughts and feelings. It also gives me the opportunity to keep track of my beliefs and a sense of ownership.

Mark the Shark - Tattoosday


Mark the Shark - Tattoosday

Q: Besides your most recent tattoo, anything exciting happen lately?
A: I just got a new puppy! He is a Boston Terrier, we call him Cricket. He takes up most of my time lately.

Q: What is most important to you?
A: Spending time with people that I love and wanting to see them succeed. We are nothing without each other.

Mark the Shark - Tattoosday

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