Local Love: Style Tips from The Citizen Royal

Raquel Elle Bell is the owner and lead personal stylist at The Citizen Royal – a premium resale and personal styling boutique located in cottage #4 at 1028 W. Grand in the heart of Historic Phoenix. We caught up with her to talk fashion and steal some of her tips for looking great!


As a personal stylist and boutique owner I am often asked all sorts of fashion related advice. For this post I let my clients choose the topics. Here are a few of my favorite practical tips inspired by client questions or comments.


Shop your closet

“I am not very good at putting outfits together, and a lot of times I feel that I don’t have anything to wear! What can I do?”

Whether you live fashionably or just need to extend your wardrobe, Pinterest is a great place to gain inspiration and discover new trends. Take the guess work out of pulling together a great look by pinning your favs and shopping your closet to pull & pair similar pieces and accessories.


Unusual Pairings

“I love the look I see on GIRLS but feel like an idiot when I mix up my styles. How can I pull off this look?”

One of my favorite trends is the “unusual pairing”. Mixing patterns, colors, textures, and vintage eras in ways which make absolutely no sense. When styling this trend, each piece should be a statement piece. To pull this trend off: more is more, matching is out, and own your creation.


Rock your wrap

“I love wrap dresses, but I’m larger on the bottom than the top and they don’t always fit right. Is there something I can do besides wearing a slip to make my wraps work?”

The wrap dress is essential & iconic, but nonetheless, at times problematic. I tackle the wrap by layering with a lightweight, strappy, or strapless sheath. The stretchiness in the sheath will suck you in, smooth out the problem areas, and give you a more styled appearance.


Thrifted Treasures

“When I’m at the thrift how can I tell which brands are high end finds?”

First, get to know your favorite design houses and designers. Some labels will have different levels of value depending on the designer or line. Second, evaluate the garments construction, hardware, stitching, and label. Still in doubt use your smart phone to look it up. It also helps if the tags are still attached!

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