We’re the proud parent company of Postino, Windsor, Churn, Federal Pizza, and Joyride Taco House.  Here we talk about the heart of our company–our awesome staff, the local businesses that we love, the music that inspires us, and anything else that we feel warrants a share.

Thanks for stopping by – we’re happy to have you!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. M.E. Evans says:

    I just moved to AZ and discovered Postino (Italian husband of course saw the name and went bouncing inside). The food is great, very similar to real Italian food (we just moved here from Italy), but I’m curious about the company. You have a very small feel, very cool, very unique, but I keep reading “parent company” and I’ve noticed there are loads of other businesses that the “parents” own. So, my question, is this actually a local business or is it a huge corporation that owns multiple businesses in Arizona? I’m curious, it wouldn’t turn me off to coming either way because as I said we enjoy the place a lot. ;)

    • Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to getting more information about our company! We are a locally owned restaurant group called Upward Projects! We currently have 5 concepts (Postino Winecafe, Federal Pizza, Joyride Taco House, Windsor and Churn) with 8 different locations! Hope you will check out all of our concepts, they are all very similar in style, feel and decoration but each have their own special flare! :)
      Hope you have a wonderful day!

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