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Pre-Order your Thanksgiving Goodies!

We know that putting together an entire Thanksgiving menu can be exhausting…let Upward Projects help you whip up some special treats that your guests will LOVE!

Windsor & Churn are accepting pre-orders until Wednesday, November 19th by calling our catering line: 602-297-EATS

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Staff Secrets: FEDERAL PIZZA

Discover surprising food combinations at our restaurants by those who know it best: our staff!

  Dan Lee is a bartender at Federal Pizza and our very own Certified Beer Server!! His high energy and ability to compliment food with craft beer will take any regular dining experience to the next level. We’ve asked him to clue us into what he orders most often…


Pepperoni Pizza

 Garlic Olive Oil (substituted for Pizza Sauce)

Mozzarella Cheese

Castelvatrano Olives

For you fellow beer lovers, Dan recommends Green Flash Brewing Company’s Hop Head Red as the best compliment to this pizza. “This Double Red India Pale Ale is incredibly unique. It’s creamy, sweet, roasty-ness mixes well with the delicious mozzarella cheese and delicate crust. At the same time, there’s a good amount of Amarillo hop character, which pairs nicely with the spice of the pepperoni. For me, it’s basically comfort food.”

Next time you stop into Federal Pizza or pick up to-go food from our drive thru, give Dan’s favorite pizza and beer combo a try. Oh, and don’t forget to say hello to Dan behind the bar – you can’t miss this tall, handsome fella!

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Windsor’s Summer of Brew Dinner Series

It’s our favorite time of year!!! Join us for our Summer Beer Dinner Series featuring some of the pioneers of craft brew. These memorable meals are inspired dishes from our chefs, complimented by only the finest of beer!


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Make the PERFECT Burger!!!


We love burgers around here.  There’s something to be said about a perfectly seared patty topped with scrumptious caramelized onions, a flavorful aioli, that ripe slice of tomato, crunch of lettuce, and the gooey, melted cheese holding it all together on the soft and slightly crusty bun.  In honor of National Hamburger Month we thought we’d share some tips from the chefs at Windsor for making the perfect hamburger.

  1. Start by creating your burger patties.  We recommend using an 80/20 blend of ground chuck – bonus points if you grind your own meat (trust us, it’s worth it).  Keep your patties in the refrigerator so they’ll be very cold when the hit the grill.
  2. Heat your grill up – the hotter, the better!!
  3. Throw your delicious burger onto your HOT grill and allow the meat to sear without moving it.  Your burger is ready to flip when there is no resistance between the patty and the grill.
  4. Never press on the meat while it’s cooking!!  This squeezes out all of the juices and leads to a dry, flavorless burger.
  5. Always toast your bun with some butter.  That extra crunch is to-die-for.

How ’bout those toppings!?

Try caramelized onions, fresh slices of tomato, your favorite kind of cheese, or the regular suspects like ketchup, mustard, and mayo.  You can get creative with your toppings too!  Try potato chips, sriracha, BBQ sauce, olive tapenade, roasted veggies (think broccoli or red peppers), salsa, or green chili.

We hope you have the BEST National Hamburger Month!!!




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