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Instagram Favorites: Round 13

It’s no surprise we love the photos you capture of your experiences in our restaurants. Want to see your image here? Tag your images on Instagram with #windsoraz, #churnicecream, #upwardprojects, #postinowinecafe, #federalpizza or #joyridetacohouse !!00Instagram-Roundup-Wk13

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MVP: Alexa Evans

Postino Central recently selected their quarterly MVP’s and today, we are going to spotlight one of their top players: Alexa Evans!


 1. If you could have lunch with anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

I would love to dine with Julia Child. She is so inspiring to me, both in the kitchen and generally just getting things done. She did everything in her own way and I love that. I just want to sit with her and hear all her secrets and stories.

2. What’s one habit you are proudest of breaking?

I’ve stopped throwing EVERYTHING in the trash and started paying more attention to what was recyclable or reusable.

3. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

Bon Bon, a.k.a. my mother. She refuses to be called grandmother so Delta (my 2yr old son) & I decided Bon Bon was appropriate.

4. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?

WHERE’S DELTA? WHERE ARE MY GLASSES? And then I find them both lying right next to me and all is right with the world again.

5. Would you rather have toes for teeth or fingers for hair?

Gag. Fingers for hair obviously. I’d have the finest struggle bun on the block! And could you imagine eating with toenails in your mouth let alone toes…?! Gross.

XOXO Alexa

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Instagram Favorites: Round 11


Want to see your image here? Tag your images on instagram with @windsoraz, @churnicecream, @upwardprojects, @postinowinecafe, @joyridetacohouse or @federalpizza!!

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Wine About It!

Every 4 months Postino rolls out a new list of unique wines.  Brent Karlicek, Beverage Guru, gives insight into the creation of the latest and greatest program.

How do you pick out wines exclusively for Upward Projects?

 “We put a great deal of effort into understanding the marketplace, both in Phoenix, and on the national stage. We’re constantly searching for the opportunity to represent up-and-coming producers, unique varietals, and regions crafting wines of character. Our deep relationships with importers, and our frequent discovery trips, provide an opportunity to keep things interesting for our guests, as well as our team.”


What goes into the roll out of the new list?

“For the release of every new Postino program, which generally consists of twenty-seven wines, we’ll typically taste through two hundred to three hundred possibilities, with the intention of identifying amazing wines that fit not only key varietal categories, but that help us achieve a broad spectrum of styles.”

Aglianico Photo

What interesting wines can guests expect to see?

“Bisceglia Aglianico: Incredibly aromatic, with ripe red fruits, fine grained tannins, and ample food-friendly acidity. Often hailed as the Nebbiolo of the South, Aglianico has plenty of complexity to “wow”  in it’s youth, but it’s charms truly unfold with a bit of age.  We’re currently pouring the 2009 vintage of this gem.”

Stop by any of our three Postino locations, and be sure to tell us about the new wines you fall in love with!

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Refreshing Hour

We recently teamed up with Refresh Glass and Phoenix Children’s Hospital for an awesome fundraising event at Postino Arcadia.  We got to mingle with many new faces, drink delicious wine, plant Moon Valley Nursery herbs in Refresh Glass planters, and dole out some really great raffle prizes.  The best part of it all?  Knowing that all the money was going to help the kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital!!!



Refresh III 038

It was a wonderful event for one of the best causes around and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of it!!  To see upcoming Refreshing Hour events, check out their website.