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Local Love: Here On the Corner

 Julie Kent, one of our incredible neighbors at Postino Annex, is the owner of Here On the Corner: a local, unique, fun and fashion forward boutique! Julie spent some time with us talking about what it’s like to be a local business in Tempe, and the things that set her store apart from competitors.


Tell us about your store: Here On the Corner is a unique boutique in Tempe. Our mission is local passion, global fashion. With that, our biggest priority is to offer local designers and/or products for a cause, whenever we can. In addition, we stay on top of the trends while keeping it affordable to our customers. We carry many one-of-a-kind items; so if you see something you like, grab it because it likely won’t be there on your next visit!

How long has your store been open? This store has been open for 10 years, but I have now owned it a little over 3 years.


What can customers expect to find? Or not find? Shoppers can expect to find men’s and women’s casual attire, party attire, and work-to-happy hour clothing. We also specialize in unique jewelry pieces, handbags, hats and watches – everything made locally. You will find that our staff will remember you, give you personal attention, and be happy to see you every time!

And as far as what you won’t find…incredibly over-priced items!


What do you love most about Tempe? Tempe is so young! There are a lot of changes and developments going on everywhere you look. It’s so fun to witness the change, and even better to be a part of it.

What do you love most about being a local business? I love the fact that I live, work, and play all within a one mile radius of each other. So yes, I’m a local business, but I also practice what I preach! I buy local for my home, family, and my business. It’s great because when you buy locally you know that your money stays in the local economy. But I’d have to say, the best part is that local businesses look out for each other and help one another out.


What is the most unique item we can find in your store? Spine wallet. It’s made of titanium and definitely a minimalist’s wallet – it even has a bottle opener on it. Oh, and men’s underwear! You may not think that it’s something we would have, but, we do!


What suggestions would you give to other local business? Stay involved in the community – everything from patronizing other local businesses, providing support, volunteering and getting to know your community. It helps give you a better idea of what your customers are looking for, too.

What is next for Here? More event collaborations with other local businesses, more locally made items in our store, and the rest is up to fate!


Next time you are in Tempe, be sure to support local by visiting Here On the Corner and contribute to #TempeRising !!

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Style Files: Jihan Fassil


Jihan’s 3 Go-To Pieces:

Skinny jeans, a tank, and lipstick.

Jihan’s Style Tips:

Never buy an outfit right off the mannequin. That’s lame. It’s just there for inspiration. A person’s sense of style is a reflection of their personality and interests. It’s self-expression. Buy what you like, but make sure that it’s a representation of who you are and not who you THINK you should be.

Mix the new with the old. Shop second-hand or vintage. Raid your mom or dad’s closet, but with caution (you don’t want to stumble upon anything weird).

In my opinion, the best kind of style is “idiosyncratic style.” Be an original.


Three Random Jihan Facts:

If I were cool and famous and could choose 1 designer to dress me for fun, I’d definitely be knocking on Elie Tahari’s door.

I find that I tend to drool over all the guys in the J. Crew fall/ winter ads.

Sometimes when I go shopping I like to pet and whisper sweet-nothings to all of the amazing high heels and pretend they’re mine. I’m almost 6 ft. tall, so I don’t like feeling like a giraffe on stilts… standing on top of a mountain.

Images c/o Manny D. Photography.

Style Files: Kelsi Savage

Kelsi Savage: Style Files

Kelsi Savage works as a server at Windsor and she is mother to a Red Tail Boa Constrictor whom she calls “Cloud”.  Aside from being a rock & roller, hard worker and a proud native of Arizona, we noticed that Miss Savage had something else… Style!!!

Kelsi Savage: Style Files

Describe your fashion sense in 3 words.
Vintage, Thrift, Old School

Have you ever wondered why glue doesn’t stick inside of the bottle?
Never, ever. (Google says that it needs air to set…)

What is your favorite fashion accessory that you own?
I have a couple spoon rings, wear them almost every day.

Marry / Kill: Richard Simmons and David Hasselhoff.
If only I could legally marry both! Because I can’t, I’m forced to kill David Hasselhoff and marry the weird, fit Simmons.

Where is your Favorite place to shop?
That’s a tough question. Dumpsters or urban, they both keep me hip.

Do you think that having a tattooed head makes you cooler than most boys?
Boys can’t keep up with my freshness!
Kelsi Savage: Style Files

Photography c/o Manny D Photography (

Style Files: Topher Bray

Topher is a much-loved employee at Postino Central.  Though his work style differs dramatically from his personal style, we are always impressed by his daring and inventive ensembles.  Here’s a small dose of Topher-style.

Topher 2
Topher 6
Topher shops at:

Urban Outfitters

Buffalo Exchange


Topher 7

Style Files: Dan Lee

Dan Lee is one of our uber-stylish servers at Federal Pizza. Not only does he look sharp as a tack but he is also full of wit and wisdom. Dan Lee teamed up with photographer Dave Wasson to share some of his great style with us.

Dan Lee

Dan Lee’s Style Tips for Gentlemen.

1. Don’t buy a full priced item.  You don’t need a lot of them. Buy things you can mix and match with everything. I rotate a small number of shirts, pants, and shoes but throw in a few accessories (i.e. bow ties/vest) to give the illusion of a much deeper closet.

2. Own a black suit. No exceptions.

3. Wear what you love, and iron it.

Dan Lee

Dan Lee

Where Dan Lee Shops for Threads:
Outlet stores
Clearance Racks
Talbots/ Chicos

Dan Lee