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Upward Top 10: The Quirks of Tory Demarce

Meet Tory: a 9-year Upward Projects partner who has energetically moved his way through the ranks. From Bartender to Manager to General Manager to Development Director/Partner – Tory has been an integral part of all things Upward. He’s also the worlds biggest prankster, and resident nickname creator. We love and appreciate Tory for many reasons, but here’s our Top Ten:

Blades, Bikes, and Cars

His eating habits that consist of powdered donuts, Dr. Pepper, and any carb with cheese on it. No water, No veggies.

Dr.Pepper and Tory

His infatuation with Andy Griffith and Walker Texas Ranger. He really just can’t get enough of those shows.

Tory Texas Ranger Collage

His addiction to buying vintage bikes that collect dust on his 4th floor apartment.

Tandem Tory

His hilarious t-shirt creations. Some of the best:

Final Tory Shirts

Rollerblading…need I say more.
His ScoobyDoo lunchbox – reference #10 on the list for its guaranteed contents.

Scooby Lunch Box

His nickname creating ability.
His collection of costume clothing.

Tory Costumes 2

His dedicated search for a ’74 Camero.
His child-like pranking ability. It’s really top notch…

Costume Clothing Final